What is the best way to consume cannabis?

>What is the best way to consume cannabis?

Are you new to the world of marijuana and are looking for the best ways to consume it? Are you sick of just smoking a regular old joint and are looking for new ways to get your fix of marijuana?

For so many years, marijuana, for both medicinal and recreational purposes, has been illegal. Only in recent years has it started to slowly become legal. This means that along with the legalisation came a whole hoard of new products and new ways to consume cannabis. Cannabis consumers now have a massive variety of methods to consume marijuana. Some people like to smoke week, others prefer edibles or vaporisers, and some even like to make their own cannabutter.

The question of “which is the best way to consume cannabis?” is not easy to answer because everyone has different preferences for how they want it taken in. if you are new to consuming marijuana and want to know which method to try next, or if you don’t know the difference between the methods, here is all the information you will need to make that decision.

Dry herb vaporisers

If you are looking to get away from smoking because you are worried about all the different health risks that come along with smoke inhalation, but are still wanting to have an inhalation method to consume marijuana, the best option for you might be a dry herb vaporiser, such as these. A dry herb vaporiser is just like a regular vape in that they are typically small and easy to conceal, and they also make use of vapour instead of combustion in order to receive the compound of the cannabis plant.

Dry herb vapes make use of a heated chamber that heats up the herb itself to extreme temperature that will allow for the vapour compounds to be extracted and inhaled. Just like smoking, you will feel the effects relatively quickly and have a decent high. The benefits of using this is that you avoid any of the risks that come with inhaling actual smoke.


Moving into a newer age of marijuana, for those people who aren’t so interested in inhaling any marijuana at all but are still wanting to feel the effects of it, there are other ways this can be done. One of the most popular ways to consume marijuana that doesn’t involve inhalation of vapour or smoke, is by having edibles. Edibles are typically made with an oil extract that includes the compound that have been extracted and condensed into the oil and baked or cooked into food.

Edibles are a fantastic way to feel a much more intense high for a much longer period. Just be careful because it takes quite a lot longer for one to feel its effects and you may end up eating far more than you can handle, having an awful experience that lasts much longer that you would hope.


More for medicinal use as there isn’t really any enjoyment that comes from it, a tincture is a concentrated marijuana extract that is most often in the form of an oil. This extract is placed under the tongue in small amounts and it in absorbed directly into the blood stream. This is a great way to feel the effects very quickly and also have a much stronger sense of the effects.

This is a good way to use CBD extract that might be used to treat pain, inflammation, or other symptoms from various diseases.


This may sound a bit bizarre as typically marijuana is thought of as a product that is used in social circumstances, however, research has shown that there are compounds within the cannabis plant that can be very helpful when applied topically. These benefits include being fantastic for your skin, reducing the risk of acne and scarring, as well as providing a youthful look.

Another benefit of using cannabis topically is that if you are using it for pain relief or inflammation it can directly target the problem area and quickly relieve the pain or inflammation that users are experiencing. This is also a great way to make use of marijuana and get the benefits from it without feeling any of the effects of it.

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